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Cycling solo around the world

Formby Rotary Club


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Helen is safely Home !
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My website will guide you through the key elements of my solo cycling journey in five continents and twenty-five countries.  The journey will start on 21st June 2004, from my home city of Liverpool, England and twelve months and fourteen thousand miles later, I hope to find myself in Liverpool's twin city of New York.

You can see how I prepared for the trip in the Planning section of this site.

If you want to know about my bicycle and other essential kit, open the Equipment section for details and advice.

The Journey button will show you my itinerary in brief, and I will be updating this with photos and a diary as I go along.  I will also be giving updates on where I Stay and what I See along the route.

If you want to contribute to my associated charity - Rotary International, and particularly their work in Rwanda - then click here for further details.

Enjoy the Site!

Helen Cooney



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